Our Services for Major/ International Events

You are looking for someone with experience and the right services to support you. Here we show you the services we provide for Special, Major and International Events. We can also adapt our offer to your requirements if you do not find what you are looking for.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

  • Custom Design
  • Project Engineering
  • Crewing & Transport
  • Creative Products
  • Research & Development
  • Sourcing

Custom Design

PRG Projects is the reference for any special LED integration or creative video element imaginable. 
Every creation is feasible and an achievable goal for our team of experts. With our vertically integrated, solution oriented methods we are able to successfully deliver any custom item for your event, in no time. 
Our professionals have a joint experience of more than 20 years and bring their know-how and synergies together in the fields of design, engineering, project management, sourcing and maintenance. PRG Projects's team is set for any challenge and is a guarantee for results. 

Project Engineering

PRG Projects is proud to count some of the most bright and creative engineering minds of the industry in its' team. A synergy of endless market experience, engineering skills and thorough project management is what makes our team unique. We are ready for any challenge! 

Crewing & Transport

PRG Projects acts as full-service provider for Special International Events and Sports Events, supporting you from the design to the delivery.

Should you require full service logistics for the other segments, we can introduce you to one of our PRG Global Group affiliates.

Creative Products

PRG Projects has designed and built a wide variety of in-house LED products throughout the years, including the Wireless Hex Panels, the P24 and the Pixels Tablets. Have look at our Product Development page and let yourself be inspired by all the possibilities offered by our creative products.

Research & Development

Our research lab is always on top of the newest technologies and one step ahead when it comes to the very latest breakthroughs. With our electronics- and LED know-how, together with our technical partners, we continue to innovate the event industry and make LED technology available for all type of events, whether of small scale or a major event. 


PRG Projects has years of experience sourcing LED, electronic devices and other products in China as an effective way to reduce manufacturing cost. With our trusted supplier network and on-site engineers in our PRG China office, based in Shenzhen, we are able source the best quality-products on the market in the blink of an eye.

About PRG

PRG - Who are we

On our company page you learn more about PRG as a company, our history and which philosophy we represent.

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Lighting for Sports Events

PRG Sport Events Special Lighting Event Technology

Lighting especially for competitions and TV for all sports

Speak to our experts.

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The BellyBanner - ideal for mascots during a match!

Discover our exclusive & creative LED products on our product page!

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Our creative LED products

Looking for a creative LED product?

Consult our list of products and discover all the possibilities we have!

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