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PRG Projects

PRG Projects is a division of the Production Resource Group which develops, engineers and sources custom LED & video solutions for of the live event-, corporate- and sports industry.

Its' creative team and innovative experts have more than 20 years experience in the field of system integration as well as project & product development.
The endless possibilities of LED, LED video, LED lighting, all LED derivatives, enriched with rigging and automation, give free rein to creativity. PRG Projects's team of experienced in-house engineers and its' strong manufacturer relationships will assist you with technically complex installations, in a variety of disciplines, be it for large-scale or small projects.

Our team's know-how in mechanical design, electronic engineering and software development, makes us a preferable partner for the development of your integrated LED solution or creative video product.

Due to our direct link to the world center of LED development, via our sourcing entity in Shenzhen China, we have the possibility to source and develop state-of-the art solutions and find the right product that will meet the technical requirements for your product.

Our Values

Passion for Results: Enthusiasm for the outcome of our actions…

We make things happen, for our customers, our audiences and ourselves.

Intrepid: Resolutely fearless; dauntless...

We embrace challenge and complexity with a sense of adventure and enthusiasm. If you have an idea, no matter how complex, we will work to provide the best technical solution for your project.

Accountability: The obligation to be responsible for something…

We act with integrity, and take personal responsibility for our actions and results, expecting others to do the same.

Commitment: Pledge or promise…

We are personally committed to the success of our clients, our teammates and the company. We promise to do our utmost to deliver excellent customer service and the highest quality event technology!

Teamwork: Coordinated effort on the part of a group of persons acting together as a team, in the interests of a common cause or goal…

We will work together to exceed expectations through competence, collaboration, creativity, and communication.

Management PRG Projects

PRG Projects Staff Frederic Opsomer Frederic Opsomer
CEO, PRG Projects

In 1986 Frederic makes his first steps into the video rental on the Belgian market.

1995-2010 Managing Director System Technologies/Innovative Designs

2010-2015 Managing Director Tait Technologies

2016 Managing Director PRG Projects

Frederic's Major Milestones: U2 Popmart – U2 360 – London Olympic Ceremonies

History of PRG Projects

PRG Projects is a division of the Production Resource Group

The team that works for this specific entity has a long track record in the events industry.

Already active on the market since the late 80s, early 90s, they started off under the name of the 'Videots'. Video technology was slowly forcing its' way into the industry at that time and bringing innovation to the live events.
Groups like Genesis, U2 and slowly growing international music festivals worldwide started to using video as I-Mag screens. Also the corporate business saw this technology as a key element to communicate to their shareholders and general public. Motorshows and product launches in general were one of the first to use video in a communicative way.

The key people at PRG Projects all come from that period in time and witnessed all major technical improvements and conceptual changes. Once mythical set and show designers like Marc Fisher, Willie Williams to name not the least, started to integrate video into their design and the road was set for success.

Thinking out of the box and meeting design’s most crazy ideas was PRG Projects's challenge which was successfully completed. 

In 1997, the LED industry came to a turning point when the U2  PoPMART Tour innovated the use of modular LED screens.

Continually building further on previous successes and close collaboration in R&D with world leading manufacturers, this niche business is one of the most rewarding in the industry.

Is PRG Projects the right partner for me?

PRG Projects is the reference for any special LED integration or creative video element imaginable.
Every creation is feasible and an achievable goal for our team of experts. With our vertically integrated, solution oriented methods we are able to successfully deliver any custom item for your event, in no time.

Our experts have a joint experience of more than 20 years and bring their know-how together in the fields of design, engineering, project management, sourcing and maintenance. PRG Projects's team is set for any challenge and is a guarantee for results.

Whilst lead times for custom developments often take some time, we are a small team that acts rapidly on short deadlines. Furthermore, PRG Projects has a direct link to the world center of LED development via its' sourcing entity in Shenzhen China, facilitating the finding, research and creation of state-of-the art solutions.

Please do not hesitate to contact us – we will be happy to consult you on your next project.

History of the PRG Group

PRG’s growth as a company has paralleled the development of modern technology in the live entertainment industry. Founded in 1982 by Jere Harris as Jeremiah J. Harris Associates, and later renamed Harris Production Services, the company was joined two years later by Scenic Technologies, founded to develop new scenic fabrication and automation techniques for the live entertainment market. Landmarks of those early years include the long-running musical production The Phantom of the Opera (1988), which featured the debut of the patented Stage Command® motion control system, and EFX (1995) at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, which was produced by Harris, and with a budget of $45 million, remains one of the largest theatrical shows ever.

Responding to growing customer requests for a one-stop production solution, Production Resource Group, L.L.C., (PRG) was established in 1995. PRG increased its capabilities over the next several years through a number of strategic acquisitions, including lighting and audio companies such as Vanco and Cinema Services (1996); Bash (1997); and Promix (1998). The acquisitions of Light & Sound Design (1998) and VLPS® Lighting Services (2004) brought the teams responsible for many of the pioneering innovations in our industry, setting the stage for a series of industry-leading proprietary products that continue to set PRG apart today.

With the acquisition of the Chicago based company High Performance Images (HPI) in 2007 as well as the Hi-Tech Rentals and Essential Lighting Great Britain (both 2008) it was possible for PRG to increase its share in the corproate event industry considerably.

In 2009, PRG took a giant step forward into the global marketplace with the acquisition of PROCON MultiMedia AG. This move has solidified PRG’s position as the premier resource in the entertainment and event technology industry, with a unique global brand and a strong presence and customer base in major markets and geographic locations worldwide. With the integration of Showtec in 2010 this position in central Europe was increased even further.

Jere Harris PRG Staff New York Jeremiah “Jere” Harris
Executive Chairman, Chief Creative Officer & Founder

Jere is widely recognized as a transformative figure in entertainment and event production, having led PRG to become a global company serving the theatre, film, television, broadcast, concert touring, events and staging and hotels markets. Today PRG has 72 locations spanning five continents and holds over 350 patents and trademarks for its proprietary technology. Jere founded Production Resource Group, L.L.C., in 1995, and guided its growth through strategic acquisitions in lighting, audio, video, automation, scenic and labor solutions.

He is part of the fourth generation of a family of theatre pioneers and took his first job in a scenic shop at age 16. Among his many professional accomplishments, he presented EFX, an entertainment landmark which opened at the MGM Las Vegas and ran for nearly eight years. He also produced Broadway’s Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark, the most technically complex production ever mounted on a Broadway stage. Jere has earned top honors across market segments, including four Tony Awards, multiple Drama Desk Awards, and an Engineering Emmy Award for PRG’s GroundControl Followspot system. He is also the recipient of the Parnelli Lifetime Achievement Award, the highest recognition in the live event industry.

Stephan Paridaen - President & Chief Operating Officer, PRG Group Stephan Paridaen
Chief Executive Officer

Stephan Paridaen is a Belgian born entrepreneur who has been involved in the entertainment technology industry for over 25 years. He studied economics at the University of Antwerp and received an MBA at the Vrije University of Brussels, all while founding a software company for the construction industry. He then continued his education and earned a degree from Harvard University.

In 1993, Stephan was hired as laureate of the Prince Albert Fund by Barco, an industry leader in digital projection and imaging technology. He was sent to Prague to develop the emerging Eastern European markets and shortly after transferred to Singapore as the company’s Asia sales and marketing lead.

Upon returning to Belgium, Stephan founded Barco’s LED display division which led to the development of projection systems that transformed digital cinema globally and formed the basis for Barco’s Media & Entertainment division, which he led from 2001 to 2009.

In 2010, Stephan joined PRG out of Belgium, where he’s played a key role overseeing the acquisitions, development and continual growth of the EMEA and APAC markets, improving operational results and expanding offerings as President and COO of the company.

Now in 2022, Stephan begins his next chapter at PRG as CEO based out of New York City.

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