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PRG Projects NV is a division of the Production Resource Group which develops, engineers and sources custom LED & video solutions for of the live event-, corporate- and sports industry.

Our projects & creative development team is is situated in Ostende, Belgium, where we work closely with designers, producers, programmers, engineers and production managers.

Our research and sourcing team is situated in Shenzhen, China, which allows us to source and develop state-of-the-art solutions for our clients.

Contact us to discuss special creations, custom developments or any implementations of LED systems. 







PRG Projects NV
John Cordierlaan, 11
8400 Ostende

PRG Projects
409. Building 2,
Nanhai Ecool 
6 Xinghua Road
Shenzhen 518067

Phone: +32 (0) 59 33 98 50

Phone: +86 755 2680 6530

Opening hours
From Monday to Friday:
9h - 18h

                      Opening hours
From Monday to Friday:
9h - 18h





The BellyBanner - ideal for mascots during a match!

Discover our exclusive & creative LED products on our product page!

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