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The Love Boat

The Love Boat, spectacular interactive eye-catcher, was designed by VollaersZwart for the municipality of Tilburg, the Netherlands.

PRG Projects was commissioned by the design studio, to make this old vessel from the 1930s, of a length of 8m, come alive and correspond to their dynamic suprising design which was based on impressions of the ‘aurora borealis’, sometimes referred to as the polar light.

The boat having previously been restored and stripped down to a futuristic shape, PRG Projects tested a range of LED lights in terms of water- and frost resistance to customize it with LED lights and control boxes with 2 individual battery packs for autonomy. The final selection of LED was sourced from China, via its’ strong sourcing network, and shipped to Ostend, Belgium, where 600 holes were drilled into the old vessel to fit no less than 24 000 LED lights on the boat.
About 250m of LED strips were needed to meet the designer duo’s wish of a 100mm x 100mm pitch. The media is downloaded wirelessly to a Raspberry Pi installed on the boat.

Take a look at our ‘making-of’ slideshow

Watch the video

The Love Boat, lies as a light-artwork in the Piushaven, the Netherlands, since the month of March 2016 but can sail and be made available for various activities, as a stage for live music or even a wedding.

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The Love Boat

The Love Boat, lies as a light-artwork in the Piushaven, the Netherlands. Watch the video!



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